Vinegar Rinse Used For Decades To Cure Alopecia, Hair Loss, Baldness. Promotes Fast Grow Hair

The science of thinning and hair loss is still largely misunderstood. There 
is more evidence that a hormone called DHT is responsible. Both men 
and women have it. Alopecia hair loss is thought to be pathogen related.

Over time, an excess build-up of DHT in the follicle causes it to begin 
shrinking, which changes the natural resting and growth phases of the 
hair. DHT builds up around your hair roots like wax.

Some of the follicles eventually die and others become incapable of 
producing or maintaining healthy hair growth, resulting with hair loss.

Organic apple cider vinegar rinse slows hair loss and promotes new 
growth by dissolving excess DHT, unblocking hair follicles and stimulating 
scalp circulation. The acids and enzymes in this treatment may kill the 
pathogens associated with Alopecia hair loss.

Color safe leaves hair shiny.
Balances pH of scalp and hair.
Encourages healthy new growth.
Prevents dandruff and scalp itch.
Kills fungus and bacteria.

Removes build up from hair and scalp.
Dissolves DHT residue.
Nutrients nourish follicles.
Unclogs follicles.

When a hair follicle on your scalp becomes plugged, the hair in that follicle becomes trapped and is prevented from coming to the surface.
Over time, a barrier of residue covers your scalp which prevents normal hair growth.

 Vinegar rinse helps dissolves toxins that clog your follicles. The acids, enzymes combine with herbal extracts and essential oils to eliminate harmful pathogens that cause hair loss. Shampoo alone is not enough.
 Vinegar rinse treatment dissolves this barrier of residue that builds up on your hair and scalp. Your scalp and hair 
will feel and become healthier as it starts to breathe and rejuvenate itself to promote new growth.

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