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LAYLA HAIR is one of the biggest collectors, manufacturers and exporters of Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair. After many experienced years in this field as wholesale hair vendor and factory, we understand that only high quality hair with competitive price can attract and keep respectable customers coming back, which is our strong point. With the advantage of having our own workshop and self-purchasing, we are proud to be able to meet any needs of all customers. Layla Hair has been being the reliable Vietnamese and Cambodian hair supplier for many big brands located all over the world, as well as hair salon systems, hair retailers and people who just start doing hair business. With years of experience as wholesale hair supplier and factory, Layla Hair understands very well the needs of customers worldwide and has never stopped changing our quality and product range for the better. In the recent, Layla Hair Factory is able to provide customers with variety of product type and quality, listing below. 100-remy-human-vietnamese-hair-cambodian-hair-about-us-laylahair-company Cambodian HairStyles Quality Multiple donor: Hair collected from several donors with similar texture and quality hairs. All human, unprocessed and 100% remy Single donor: Hair collected from only one donor, soft , silky and shinny. Highest quality product from Layla Hair Company Single drawn hair: Contains of 50% Full Length Hairs. Perfect for a natural effect Double drawn hair: Contains of 70% Full Length Hairs. Thicker Tips make your hair length more valuable. Super double drawn hair: Contains of 85% Full Length Hairs. Most favorable at UK and Russia markets Same length hair: Contains of 95-100% Full Length Hairs. Very thick ends. Read more: https://laylahair.com/about-us-vietnam-hair/ Web: https://laylahair.com Cambodian Hair: https://laylahair.com/cambodian-hair/ Vietnamese hair: https://laylahair.com/vietnam-hair/

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